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Feeling Inadequate is not of God

Frustrated and feeling defeated today.

I missed an important meeting last week – one of the classes in a course that I’m taking for certification in Spiritual Direction (SD).  As I work to catch up on the material, my mind wanders…

I’m not good enough to be a SD.  God isn’t calling me to serve in this way.  The reading will be too difficult.  I won’t be able to handle the coursework.  Who do I think I am to even consider that the Holy Spirit would want to use me in this way.

Dangerous thoughts. | Focus on truth.

  1. These are presumptuous. | I do not know the mind of God.
  2. These thoughts stem from vanity. | It’s not about me.
  3. These are thoughts of desolation. | Satan does not want me to grow in holiness much less to lead others to know Jesus through the work of SD.
  4. Past hurts are muddying the waters. | I must renounce them in the Name of Jesus and focus on the next holy thing.

As Cher would say, “Snap out of it!”

Pray for me as I pray for you.

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