Where Have We Been and Where are We Going

Where Have We Been and Where are We Going

Deacon Jerry and I have been really busy with family and I’ve seriously neglected this blog and our YouTube Channel… although, we’ve been keeping up on our Instagram account, @Roaminkath. <hint, hint: click the link to follow us>

So, what have we been up to?

We took a two-week vacation to Israel, returning just a few days ago. AMAZING!

This has been on our bucket list for a little while and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to go. We didn’t attend with a tour; we’re more ‘full immersion’ people; mixing pilgrimage with culture and food. I promise to do a more in depth blog later in the week.

Our plans are to create a short video series from our almost 1600 photos and vids for the YouTube Channel. As an aside, I seriously don’t know how the travel influencers keep up with their channels and posts although they probably don’t wait until the end of a two week trip to put it all together!

So, watch for that… and PLEASE subscribe to our YouTube channel, even if you’re not a regular YouTuber, it will really help us to reach a greater audience:


Moving forward…

I’ve been honored with the invitation to be a testimony speaker at Most Merciful Jesus Catholic Church in Madison, Alabama. I can’t tell you how humbled I am to be part of their new evangelization program called, “SWAP”, an hour of Song, Witness, Adoration, and Prayer. My witness will focus on “the Call” and how I’ve allowed the Holy Spirit to work in my life leading me to places I’ve never dreamed, including this unplanned early retirement from a ministry the I loved so much.

The event is October 18th, and I ask for your prayers:

  • peace for those who have planned the event,
  • open hearts for those planning to attend,
  • willingness for those who haven’t yet made the commitment,
  • and for me – that I speak humbly, true, and with a steady voice.

If you’re in the Madison, AL, area please consider worshiping at SWAP, 6:30 to 7:30pm!

What else to update you on…

I still don’t know where God is calling me. My hope was that He would give me some divine revelation while in Jerusalem.

Not so much.

Maybe it’s just doing what I’m doing with the humility that God will use me in ways unknown.

Please pray that pride will dissolve from my heart & mind, and that I submit to true humility.

Know of my prayers for you.

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