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Treadmill Trash

I called our garbage company to schedule a pick up for the treadmill.

The conversation went thusly:

me – I need to schedule a pick up
her – what do you have
me – a treadmill, but I took it apart so it’s easier to handle
her – is it electronic
me – part of it was
her – …
me – the electronic part is in a box, the flooring is separate
her – so, some is electronic and some isn’t
me – yes
her – …
me – will that be a problem
her – I’m not sure, electronics are picked up separately
me – …
her – what’s the parts that aren’t electronic
me – the base which is metal and the rubber track
her – so there’s metal
me – yes
her – so there’s metal AND electronics but you’ve separated them
me – yes
her – I have to put you on hold
me – …
her – …
me – …
her – okay, so some is metal and some is electronic
me – will this be a problem? cuz, honestly, it broke and I tried to fix it but it still didn’t work and their customer service wasn’t picking up and it’s out of warranty and I don’t like running outside and I can’t afford a new one and I just got pissed off so I took the damn thing a part. I even used my good scissors to cut the wires apart. <sniff>
her – …
me – <sniff>
her – you know what hun, we’re just going to mark it as trash. you go ahead and put it out on Monday. I hope your day gets better, stay safe.
me – you are the nicest trash lady I’ve ever talked to, thank you and you stay safe too.

Pray for me as I pray for you… and the nice trash lady.

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