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So, This Happened

I always hated cats. Stuck up, prideful animals.

I grew up with dogs. My best friend growing up was a collie, Charlie. He was pretty much my only friend. We would go on long walks and talk for hours. We had to put him down after he became really sick. I swear I could hear the taps of his nails on the linoleum for months after he was gone.

Then came Sandy, a sweet golden retriever. We didn’t have the same bond but she was a sweet family companion.

After Jerry and I got married, we adopted a black lab puppy. He was the cutest runt out of the littler; we aptly named Chubby. Chubby grew and grew. He great too big for our home (94 pounds at 9 months!) and became too rambunctious so we put him up for adoption (long story).

Then, came Scooter. He was Mamma’s boy. He was a cocker spaniel that we rescued from abuse. He was our best dog and the last canine we would own.

Scooter needed a LOT of love. We believe that he had beaten by a man with glasses and who wore a hat – the same as Jerry. Every time Jerry would come home from work, Scooter would fiercely growl (as much as a cute cocker could). He would spend hours cowering in the corner of the living room shivering from fear that we might raise a hand. It was with some serious kid gloves that we patiently loved Scooter into our family. He became a loving and loyal pet. But, after 14 years, Scooter became very sick. My daughter and I made a our last trip to the vet to say goodbye to this wonderful pet.

While Jerry and I missed Scooter, we relished the freedom to be able to travel whenever we wanted and for however long we needed. It was good not to be tied down.

Now, five years later, I find myself with an empty nest. Daughter #1 is married and lives in another city and daughter #2 lives three hours away working on her masters. While I’ve taken an early retirement, Jerry still has a few years of work.

The positive is that I’ve found a new love for writing, photography, and working on our Youtube Channel. Most of the day I spend by myself, and as an introvert, I don’t mind it. But keeping busy and being alone is very different than being needed.

Before you make assumptions… yes, I know that my family loves me very much.

But, I miss being needed.

A few months ago my daughter adopted a kitten that she named, Salem. We were a little annoyed because it would mean that we might not see her very often. Jerry and I were allergic to cats while growing up. But, she brought him home at Thanksgiving and Christmas and we were fine. I also fell in love with him. He’s snarky, vibrant, and … a teenage cat.

His visit planted a seed in my mind that a kitten might fill the void that I’d been feeling. So, I started dropping hints to Jerry, researching hypo-allergenic cats; in particular, Russian Blues. I also signed up for email notifications from online adoption searches.

But, he was adamant that we not get another pet.

It was not long that I received a message from one of the searches letting me know that a Russian Blue kitten was available. Sheepishly, I shared the email with Jerry; we both thought she was cute. And, I didn’t expect Jerry to say yes to any adoption due to the allergy issue and the commitment of another pet.

A few days later Jerry asked where the kitten was located. I hadn’t really paid attention so I had to look it up. To our surprise it was being adopted through an agency just a few miles from our house.

Then, Jerry turns to me and says, “If you’d like to get her you can.”

I cried.

After composing myself, I asked him what changed his mind. He said that he had taken it to prayer and told God that if I was meant to have a cat it would have to be a Russian Blue and be located in our city.

God is SO COOL to answer his prayer so quickly!!!

And, to kick things up a spiritual notch the kitten’s name is,Monica.

My ‘girl’.

I had prayed to St. Monica for 15 years asking her intercession for Jerry’s conversion so that I would have a companion in faith. Who knew she would intercede once again so that I might have a different kind of companion?!

Monica was a rescue and will require the same kid gloves as my Scooter. But I am patient and excited to nurture a new family member.

Thanks and blessings to Al of the Erie Animal Network who lovingly fostered Monica prior to us becoming her furever home.

I’ll pray for you; please pray for Al and the EAN!

Oh, and meet Monica…

Photo courtesy of Al from the Erie Animal Network
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