Memento Mori

“Remember your death”

Lent is a time to ‘die to self’, to purge the soul of sin and vice, and to offer little deaths or sacrifices which can be united with the Cross of Christ.

You are welcome to read my journals as I examine the prior day’s struggles, give thanks for the little wins, and adjust where needed.

Do you find the same struggles? Comments always welcome!

Lent 2021 – Day 42

There’s only a few more days of Lent to go; I don’t want to take this time of growth for granted. Of those aspects of

Lent 2021 – Day 41

Today I reflected on Matthew 26:26-32, the Scourging, Mockery, and the Crowning with Thorns that Jesus experienced at the hands of the Romans as demanded

Lent 2021 – Day 40

Before any Catholic who knows how to count liturgically calls me out on my numbering – keep in mind that this is a journal of

Lent 2021 – Day 39

When COVID hit last year and the country shut down, hubby and I tried to do what we could and connect with people online since

Lent 2021 – Day 38

Friday, date night in Lent! Arby’s fish sandwiches and a movie at home. Lent 2021 has yielded so many unexpected graces. The pace has been

Lent 2021 – Day 37

Happy Feast of the Annunciation! If you read my journal entry from yesterday, you may have sensed some disappointment.¬† Upon reading the Pope’s catechesis on

Lent 2021 – Day 36

Today we honor the Archangel Gabriel, fitting as tomorrow, March 25, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Annunciation, the day that Gabriel tells the Virgin

Lent 2021 – Day 35

#LevelUp and #OfferItUp Give blood during Lent. It’s not even close to what Jesus suffered… but it’s not fun either. Pray for me and my

Lent 2021 – Day 34

Monday – just one more concept to offer up for Lent. Pray for me as I pray for you!

Lent 2021 – Day 33

I thank God for the little things. We decided to venture out of the house today and go to the mall to walk.  Even though

Lent 2021 – Day 32

Lenting is going well. The best part of my day… other than Hubby being home… Mass and Jesus! Please pray for me as I pray

Lent 2021 – Day 31

Meat free Friday! On the menu: Tomato Soup Mac ‘n Cheese Simple food as we move closer to the Passion. Slowly allowing us to detach

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