Kathleen Peterson

a disciple along the way

Dirty Windows to Ministry

My cat is so focused on her unattainable prey.  Monica sits, watches, and waits behind an old, dirty window that can never be opened hoping to catch the chipmunk she’s been so focused on.

How many times have I/you/we done the same?

So committed to a vision, an idea, a project that is unrealistic because of immovable barriers.  Barriers of leadership unwilling to open hearts to new ideas, structures in place that make change impossible, or prideful ideologies that block innovative methods.

Monica is stuck.

She will never catch the chipmunk which is only 3 feet away.  But, I/you/we do not need to be held back from dirty, old windows that are unable to let clear and bright light shine through, let alone open.

If the Holy Spirit has placed a task, vision, project on your heart to bring about newness of life in the Church, may those uncompromising, fixated, stubborn barriers be removed so that His work, God’s will, may be done.

Ministry opportunities are everywhere; sometimes you just need to you sneak out of the house and don’t let the dirty window hold you back.

Pray for me as I pray for you.

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