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Greater than All-You-Can-Eat

Have you ever been to one of those all-you-can-eat buffets? I'm talking about the really big ones that offer too...
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Happy Thanksgiving

As we beging the secular descent into holiday hell, which seems to have replaced the holy season of Advent and...
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Civilize It and Retreating

Yesterday, I posted the following on my personal Facebook wall: "The US Catholic Bishops just put out a paper on...
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I Believe, Help My Unbelief

Is there a God? I believe there is. I'm a cradle Catholic; tick all the 'sacrament' boxes, attend Mass on...
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Catholic Church Faith Relationships

Mean Girls on the Soccer Field

I look forward to the day when women will be nice to each other. Women can be the most loving...
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Conversion Faith Monica

Things I’ve Learned from my Cat

If you're a regular reader (if not, why?) you'll know that in February we adopted an incredibly shy Russian Blue...
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Take Her to Olive Garden

[read the next few lines in your best Michael Bolton voice] "When a man loves a woman, Can't keep his...
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Real Talk with a Youth Minister

[disclaimer: this is a conversation in my head made up of several actual conversations through my time in youth ministry.]...
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Catholic Church Faith Ministry Monica

Dirty Windows to Ministry

My cat is so focused on her unattainable prey.  Monica sits, watches, and waits behind an old, dirty window that...
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Catholic Church Conversion Faith Prayer Self Care

Kosher to Change Your Lenten Offering?

Have you ever changed your Lenten Sacrifice during Lent? I originally gave up wine. Too easy; didn't think it through....
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Catholic Church Faith Family Ministry Youth Ministry

Catechism and the Necessary Memes

Have you ever heard something so stupid it made you think... "This deserves a meme"? I didn't create the above...
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Catholic Church Conversion Faith Ministry Relationships Youth Ministry

The Aha Moment: When Ministry Became About Me

A little over 20 years ago, my husband and I moved to the country where we could raise our two...
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Faith Monica Prayer

God and the Couch

As you may know, I now have a cat. I don't think she realizes that. Monica, our new kitten, has...
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So, This Happened

I always hated cats. Stuck up, prideful animals. I grew up with dogs. My best friend growing up was a...
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Catholic Church Faith Family Prayer

Right in Front of Your Eyes

Have you ever lost your child... even for a brief moment, which seemed like eternity? Those moments make you sick...
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Catholic Church Faith Prayer

Can I Love Like This?

Once again, daily Mass has provided fodder for this blog. (Thank you, Jesus!) It's always in those 30 to 40...
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Catholic Church Faith Prayer Self Care

Scaffolding Continues…

So, I figured the maintenance workers wouldn't add anymore scaffolding 'floors' to the sanctuary of the Cathedral. And, I was...
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Catholic Church Conversion Faith Prayer

The Great Craftsman

Over the past few days I've watched the evolution of a massive scaffolding being built in the sanctuary of our...
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Faith Prayer

Tater Tots and Heaven

As much as I can, I try to attend daily noon Mass at our local Cathedral. I usually arrive 30...
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One Little Phrase Changed Our Life

I want to share with you a single phrase that has only been spoken once but that has changed the...
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